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Forensic Loan Audit Software

Forensic Loan Audit Software

Forensic Loan Auditing is fast becoming the next trend in the mortgage industry as millions of homeowners scramble to do anything they can do avoid foreclosure. Forensic loan auditing is one way to give homeowners a chance in possible avoiding foreclosure or delaying it. Forensic Loan Audits consists of going through the loan documents of a homeowners loan and looking for specific violations on the loan documents. Some violations may be misplaced dates to incorrect loan terms disclosed on the loan documents. Some violations are more serious than others and may give the borrower legal recourse to take the bank/lender to court. Forensic Loan Audit Software will audit mortgage loans for you and cite specific laws and violations pertaining to the loan in question. By uncovering these violations one can help the homeowner in their foreclosure situation. Click below for more information about our forensic loan audit software.



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