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Loan Audit

Loan Audit will be the next in demand market for homeowners in the foreclosure situation. With record breaking amount of foreclosures and notice of defaults now more than ever ways to save homeowners homes and give them hope is in high demand, and increasing in demand. Loan Audit is a comprehensive review of the homeowners loan documents pertaining to their home loan. In the industry this is commonly known as loan docs, or loan documents. By reviewing the loan documents of a clients loan, you can uncover specific violations many loans have. Such violatons could be the wrong dates entered or improper loan terms disclosed. Most home loans have violations to uncover. By uncovering these violations and compiling a report and sending it to the lender you are showing the lender that the loan is in violation and there can be legal recourse.

Loan Audit will help you uncover these violations. Our Forensic Loan Software package will allow you to conduct a loan audit and uncover violations with the supporting laws quoted for you automatically. Cick on the link below for more information.



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