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Forensic Loan Process

Forensic Loan Auditing is fast becoming an in demand service. Forensic Loan Auditing consists of uncovering violations on mortgage loans which violate predatory lending laws and regulations. Uncovering these violations can give give the borrower legal recourse against the lender/bank and in some cases receive the interest they paid to the lender back as a refund. In addition, uncovering violations using forensic loan auditing also helps borrower to obtain a loan modification since the lender knows that the borrower can sue them for the violations uncovered, thus giving the borrower more leverage when trying to get a loan modification.

If you are thinking about getting into forensic loan auditing now is the best time to get into it. There are literally millions of people in America who need this service and the need is growing each passsing day. ForensicLoanSoftware.com has a great package with forensic loan audit guide and forensic loan audit software for a great price. Their forensic loan audit software will help you uncover violations and will even cite specific laws violated on the loan. It is a great way to get started in the business of forensic loan auditing.



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