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Forensic loan software is quickly becoming the next wave concurrent to loan modification. Forensic Loan Auditing is an audit of a clients current loan documents, in the audit process you as a professional will look for specific loan violations that the lender has initiated. Violations can include apr reporting errors, not properly disclosing of specifc terms, documents not signed, reporting errors, and even violations such as the date was not properly entered. There are many violations to catch and about 75% of the mortgage loans on the market right now have violations for you to uncover. www.ForensicLoanSoftware.com has a great guide which specificly explains to you how to look for and find specific violatios which will help you to get a loan modification. The guide explains apr violations and specific laws as well. It is a great tool to help you uncover violations and find out the reason behind specific violations.

www.ForensicLoanSoftware.com also provides forensic loan auditing software which automatically helps you audit a loan and cite specific laws the lenders vioalted. Each citation can then be printed out and sent to the lender as proof of what laws they violated. It is a great package and a great way to get started in the forensic loan audit business. This business is growing and will continue to grow on a daily basis.



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