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Forensic Mortgage Audit Software

With over 70% of mortgage loans currently in violation of laws pertainin to the lending laws of these loaning these loans out, if a client of yours has violations you have a high chance of obtaining a loan modification for them. The most common violations include the Tila, Respa, Hopea, and Apr violations which most mortgage loans which have been originated in the past 5 years have. Citing the specific violation and indicating it in a report is a great addition to your loan modification forms in ordrer to give your package and edge to obtain a loan modifiation faster.

www.ForensicLoanSoftware.com has a forensic loan audit guide and Forensic Loan Audit Software which will uncover violations and cite the specific laws in which the loan violates. This then is exported in a report indicating the violations and the specific laws pertaining to the violation. The software uncoves violations for TILA, RESPA, HOPEA, APR and even will audit the fees to indicate whether the fees are in violation as well. The software is a great way to do a forensic loan audit and obtain a report from it quickly.

Forensic mortgage audit and forensic loan audit are terms that pretty much describe the same service. A forensic mortgage audit reviews and audits the closing document package of a mortgage loan. These documents include such as 1003, tila and right of recission document among others. The forensic mortgage audit purges and reviews these documents and checks for violations as they relate to the lending laws. The lending laws of course being Tila, Respa and others. These lending laws are what the banks and lending institutions have to abide by when lending out money. During the refinance boom, there was alot of loans being pushed through very rapidly. There were also many stated type loans and other loans that were questionable in the actual underwriting of the loans. Copy and paste and such. There were also many subprime loans being lent out. Thus the forensic mortgage audit became high in demand years later when these loans started to adjust and people started to have more foreclosures and attempted to obtain loan modifications. That actually fed the need for the forensic mortgage audit reports. Thus the forensic mortgage audit reports have been used over the past couple of years.

Obtaining a forensic mortgage audit will allow you or your client to see the violations as they relate to tila, respa and other violations. You can get a forensic mortgage audit for only $99 from the company below.




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